Berkenhoff High-performance coated EDM wires for automatic threading

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Wires – Berkenhoff’s latest addition to its range of coated EDM wires is the topas plus V, with V for velocity.

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Topas plus V is said to have a very good price/performance ratio.
Topas plus V is said to have a very good price/performance ratio.
(Source: Berkenhoff)

The company says its topas plus V high-performance wire rounds off its coated electrodes of the topas plus range offering, which improve wire-cutting performance. According to Berkenhoff, Topas plus V was specially developed for machines that require straightened wire for automatic threading. Its high-tensile strength of 800 MPa allows for automatic threading, whilst avoiding wire breakage – prerequisites for unmanned operation at night.

The wire has a gamma-phase technology that is matched in terms of its cutting rate and precision, making it suitable for cutting difficult workpieces. Its high resistance to wire breakage coupled with its high thermal and electrical capacity ensure good process stability. This electrode is suitable for speed cutting, providing a cutting speed of up to 35% faster than brass wires, Berkenhoff notes. The company also says that topas plus V has a very good price/performance ratio.