Machining of work pieces of large size! Head-generator-unit of Heun


The first EDM drilling units of Heun to be placed on the market, have been modules which consisted of an all-purpose, adaptable eroding head with servo unit and a mobile generator with high-pressure pump.

These modules are available even now, however, with improved design. It is still used to carry out special tasks as for example removal of rivets from the outer plating of airplanes during maintenance, relief drillings, bleeder holes as well as cooling holes into metallic molds, drill holes into injection nozzles and EDM drilling with extremely pointed angles.

The eroding unit can be applied in many different fields of EDM drilling. Every kind of conductive material can be machined, independent whether soft or hardened. The fast EDM drilling speed is the main feature of this machine. It can be used in different areas of all kinds of components. The unit is of compact design and appropriate for machining of especially big work pieces. Within the solid, mobile control cabinet the generator and the monitor is located. The water-cooled generator is extendable up to 80 Ampere. The self-explanatory operating interface is controlled by touch-screen terminal.

The eroding head can be attached to existing machining centers or to robot tooling. Independent use by mounting on a stand or drill rig is also possible. As electrode material brass, copper or graphite can be used. Different ceramic guides can be installed. Therefore, the range of electrode diameter can be modified from Ø 0.3 – 3.0 mm. With special collet chucks, electrodes of Ø 0.1 – 6 mm can be clamped. Optionally machining with electrodes up to 50 mm as well as with form electrodes is possible. Every electroconductive components can be machined. Until now eroding heads of different length have been constructed. As maximum, a travel distance of 3,000 mm has been reached at present.

The head-generator unit has an analysis tool to control the drilling process. It is also possible to connect the unit to the particular machine und to pass signals to this respective machine.

The functions are the same as on standard EDM drilling machines. A special feature is that the spindle can also be locked in place in order to be able to carry out die sinking or cut off parts as for example threaded bolts or sheet-metal parts. The field of application which is most often used, is removal of broken taps. Normally through-holes are machined. Blind holes must be machined manually. However, this processing is also very easy.

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