Standards Here are the seven latest highlights from Hasco

Source: Hasco

From the standards specialist Hasco, we showcase a selection of the seven most interesting new products and offers for tool and mould makers.

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(Source: Hasco)

One of the latest products in the Hasco catalogue, is the Single Shot H6300/... nozzle series. (lead picture) It offers an attractive price/performance ratio for injection moulding of easy-to-process plastics. This nozzle series comes with installation dimensions that are compatible with the Vario Shot nozzle series. It stands for optimal temperature control, high functionality as well as a cost-saving design, says Hasco. The different nozzle variants enable easy gating on sub-distributors or direct connections to the moulded part, it continues.

Various “torpedo” and screw-on pre-chamber types are available to the user. These can be used for classic point gating. One advantage is the simple insertion of the nozzle geometry into the mould plate. In case of wear, the gate quality can be quickly restored. Extended pre-chambers are available to attach them to free-form surfaces or sub-distributors with sprue cones.

Material-friendly melt guidance inside the nozzle

The Single Shot is available in two sizes, which allow the production of small and medium-sized injection moulded parts with a shot weight of up to 800 grams. They have an insertion depth of up to 179 millimetres.

The interchangeability of the relevant wear parts (tips and pre-chambers, but also the thermal sensor) facilitates maintenance and servicing work. The heater, which is pressed directly onto the nozzle body, has only one control circuit. It guarantees an even temperature distribution over the entire nozzle length.

The adapted heating power distribution as well as the material-friendly melt guidance through generous flow channel diameters ensure a homogeneous temperature profile and a low-shear moulded part filling. Thanks to the sensible arrangement of the Fe-CuNi thermal sensors and the good insulation from the cold mould, plastics with a narrower melting temperature window can also be processed, as Hasco explains.

Achieving the highest possible mass throughput with a compact design and maximum stability were the goals in the design of the nozzle. The design with only one control circuit allows for small installation spaces and the pressed heating a very low energy requirement overall.

Round pawl units optimise the flow of force

For complex injection or die-casting moulds, a second mould parting level or another demoulding level is sometimes required, Hasco says, starting with the second highlight in mind. For example, this is the case with 3-platen moulds or moulds with double ejector packages.

In order to enable defined movement and locking of the moving platens in this case, Hasco has developed the Z1780/... and Z1782/... round pawl units especially for these applications. The round pawl units, which are described as compact, are characterised by a circumferential multiple locking mechanism that optimises the flow of force.

According to the manufacturer, the Z1780/... (with pulling) and Z1782/... (with pushing) round pawl units can be installed in a variety of ways. Compensation of the thermal expansion offset and integrated collision protection additionally contribute to process reliability.

Hasco's new round pawl units are available with pulling and pushing action.
Hasco's new round pawl units are available with pulling and pushing action.
(Source: Hasco)

Both round pawl units are available from stock in three sizes and various lengths, which ensures a wide variety of strokes. Many types of injection moulds could be realised with them.

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