Römhelkld Heavy-duty, tailor-made magnetic clamping systems

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Römheld will be showcasing magnetic clamping systems that the company says meet the highest safety requirements, new electro-mechanical wedge clamps and a safety transport cart with a maximum load capacity of 1,600 kg.

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Magnetic clamping system for an 800-tonne injection-moulding machine.
Magnetic clamping system for an 800-tonne injection-moulding machine.
(Source: Roemheld)

The focus will be on the magnetic clamping system of the M-Tecs series, which now features a new controller for optimised safety. Other exhibits include the entire range of die-clamping and changing products with an emphasis on hydraulically driven components that can be retrofitted.

The company notes that its M-Tecs series clamping plates conform to the press standards EN 201 and EN 289 for injection moulding machines and rubber presses. They fulfil specifications relating to signals such as die monitoring, power supply, magnetisation and emergency stop on the performance levels “d” and “e”. All safety signals and error messages are displayed on the control panel, and on request these can be transmitted via RS or Profibus interfaces to the press controller.

The rapid clamping systems enable moulds and dies of all sizes, geometries and weights to be positioned and clamped in a very short space of time. Different versions are available for various operating temperatures of up to 240° C for use in the plastics and duroplastics industry. All magnetic clamping plates can be supplied optionally with or without the integrated heater and are manufactured in customer-specific sizes and geometries.

The rapid clamping systems can also be easily retrofitted on existing rubber forming presses, horizontally and vertically driven injection moulding machines, mould carrier systems and transfer moulding presses, it adds.

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