Mould Components Hasco expansion involves €30-million investment in production facilities

Editor: Eric Culp

Hasco Hasenclever GmbH is investing €30 million in one of the largest construction projects in its history. At its Lüdenscheid, Germany, site this June, it will open one of the most modern mould-standard manufacturing facilities in Europe.

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“The ever increasing demand for quality products from Hasco has allowed us to expand our production capacity”, stated CEO Christoph Ehrlich. “With the new production plant, we are forerunners in terms of the most modern technology, and will be providing our customers with higher availability.”

The new 3,000-m² production facility is being built on the company premises in Lüdenscheid because the site offers excellent infrastructure and a store of manufacturing knowledge accumulated over decades, Hasco said. The company has analysed and rearranged the entire supply chain and all manufacturing processes, from the procurement of crude steel all the way to delivery of the finished product, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. A storage facility that can hold several thousand tonnes of crude steel and a storage facility for semifinished products with space for 5,000 pallets were built in order to reduce throughput time for customer orders.

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The company said no compromises will be made in the area of crude-steel procurement. It works exclusively with carefully selected and audited suppliers, and insists on stringent material specifications with regard to purity, tolerance and low stress. Hasco guarantees customers 100% traceability throughout the purchasing process.

The new building is being constructed to conform to current environmental requirements and energy directives. A photovoltaic system will be installed alongside an energy recuperation system, and special double glazing is being used.

Hasco Hasenclever GmbH + Co. KG

Lüdenscheid, Germany