Machine Tools Hardinge Director to Speak at IMTS 2012

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

The US-based machine tool manufacturer Hardinge has announced that David Bassett, its director of corporate operational excellence, will speak at IMTS 2012 on the subject of manufacturing cycle time.

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Bassett’s presentation, entitled “MCT: Manufacturing Cycle Time—The Holy Grail,” was selected to be part of the International Manufacturing Technology Show’s conference programme by GIE Media Inc. and the Association for Manufacturing Technology, which organizes the trade fair. The time and date of the Hardinge executive’s talk is not available until the full five-day conference schedule is finalized.

IMTS 2012 takes place September 10–15 in Chicago. The conference programme features topical sessions on all fair days but the last. Information about the IMTS Conference and other conferences being held at the show is to be made available at, where visitors should click on “Education.”

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