Event preview Hannover Messe’s five focus areas

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Five core areas – Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives, Digital Factory, Energy, Industrial Supply and Research and Technology – will be highlighted at Hannover Messe 2018.

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This year, Hannover Messe will host five segments on one single platform and cover a full range of technical innovations throughout the whole value chain.
This year, Hannover Messe will host five segments on one single platform and cover a full range of technical innovations throughout the whole value chain.
(Source: Deutsche Messe)

Hannover Messe 2018, one of the largest trade fairs for industrial technology across the globe, will be held at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds in Hanover, Germany, from April 23–27 2018. Themed “Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate”, this edition will present 1,400 additional events, have more than 150 speakers and it is expected to attract over 5,000 exhibitors and 220,000 visitors.

The mammoth event is hosting five themes at one single platform and will cover a full range of technical innovations throughout the whole value chain – from automation to supplier solutions. All this makes it a “must attend” event as it also enables players to network with the industry's who's who and stay updated on the latest groundbreaking technologies in the market.

Five key topics

  • Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives

Covering integrated automation, industrial IT, power transmission and control, this segment will present more than 2,000 exhibitors who will showcase their innovations and over 9,000 products are expected to be displayed here. A broad range of forums, conferences and special events such as the “Robotics, Automation and Vision Application Park”, “Industry 4.0 Meets Industrial Internet Forum”, “Robotics Award” and many more will also be held in this segment for the benefit of industry players.

  • Digital Factory

The halls for integrated processes and IT solutions will welcome more than 590 exhibitors with over 1,600 products on exhibit. At Digital Factory, one can discover IT solutions, which enable the exchange of data on development, production and distribution. This segment also showcases software for virtual product development, production planning and control, and predictive analysis. Here concepts that enable the secure distribution of mass data in digital factories will be explores as well. The “Additive Manufacturing” display along with the “International MES Conference” are a couple of the special attractions in this segment.

  • Energy

Covering integrated energy systems and mobility, more than 1,800 exhibitors will host here and present well over 6,400 plus products. At the Energy segment, industry players will meet solution providers and decision makers from the political and economic sectors. Together, they will discuss topics, which include: “How to lead a successful energy transition”; “How to develop the charging infrastructure of tomorrow” and “How industrial companies can significantly cut costs by using energy more efficiently”.

  • Industrial Supply

Presenting innovative subcontracting solutions and lightweight construction, this segment will host more than 1,800 exhibitors and present over 5,700 products. Suppliers are key drivers of industrial digitisation. A smart factory can only be as smart as its individual components and systems. With their innovative solutions, suppliers are becoming increasingly involved – both physically and digitally – in adding value to their customers’ businesses. From materials and processes to key topics such as lightweight construction, at the Industrial Supply segment, international suppliers will exhibit their entire range of solutions and present themselves as reliable development partners. Some of the special displays that will be held here include “Integrated Lightweight Plaza” and “Highlights@Industrial Supply”.

  • Research & Technology

This segment will focus on research and technology transfer and will include more than 700 exhibitors, exhibiting over 1,500 products. Here, ideas from visionary researchers become real-life applications. Experts in the science and economic sectors will provide an insight into what the industry could look like in future, as well as, what solutions are about to hit the market. From cognitive systems for quality inspection to completely new methods of production, at Research & Technology, one can find solutions that will shape the industry of tomorrow. “Night of Innovations” and “Tech Transfer” are a few of the special highlights here.

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