Meusburger Hands-on experience

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Austria – Meusburger's booth includes products to try out hands-on, a demonstration table for surface finishing equipment and the Meusburger technical tip video clips.

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Meusburger's busy booth is always worth a visit.
Meusburger's busy booth is always worth a visit.
(Source: Meusburger)

Moreover, a range of new products – mainly from the areas of slide technology, locks, hydraulics, and sprues – will be presented at K 2016.

Besides a variety of innovations, Meusburger will also exhibit its tried and trusted products at the show. The company's multifunctional H 1000 clamping system has revolutionised the manufacturing processes in mould making and stands for high efficiency, the company claims. The system is said to enable precise clamping of the plates with repeatable accuracy in the µ-range. The innovative H 4062 assembly table facilitates repair and assembly work on moulds, the company says. Air cushions on the underside of the moveable plates enable a light and easy movement of the mould halves.

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