Erowa Handling system for half-tonne workpieces

Editor: Eric Culp

The unit can service large machining centres.

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In its linear version, the unit serves up to eight machines.
In its linear version, the unit serves up to eight machines.
(Source: Erowa)

Erowa's transfer unit Robot Dynamic 500 is designed to reduce setup times by automatic machine loading. According to the company, the product is suitable for heavy workpieces and exists in different variants.

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The transfer unit can either be operated with one or more magazines, or on a rail of up to 20m in length. In both cases, it is suitable for workpieces of up to 500kg, Erowa said. Its X-stroke of 1,500mm enables the robot to also load big machines.

What is important for the automatic manufacturing of one-off parts and small series is a loading facility that autonomously switches between different pallet and system sizes, the company explained. Erowa said its loader has a gripper change system with which virtually all Erowa pallet types can be handled. In its linear version, it serves up to eight machines. Erowa noted that the modular design makes it simple to adapt the handling facility to the individual requirements of the production plant.

Magazines come in two versions: as rack magazines or as rotary magazines. In a linear facility, up to eight different magazines can be combined, the company said. It added that while rack magazines are suitable for big and heavy pallets, rotary magazines offer many positions for smaller workpieces in the same space. Magazines can be manually loaded and unloaded at any time, and the robot will continue to serve the other magazines and machines without interruption.

To simplify the set-up and preparation of heavy and big workpieces, Erowa also offers a loading station. Moreover, the Erowa process control system is said to provide machine operators with all relevant, updated information and a variety of planning tools online.

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