Machine Tools Haas supports Nordic machining careers with second Finnish tech centre

Editor: Eric Culp

Haas Automation, the US-based manufacturer of CNC machine tools, has been setting up Haas Technical Education Centres (HTECs) across Europe since 2007. The European HTEC programme continues unabated in 2012: the year’s first HTEC grand opening took place in mid-January in Vaasa, Finland, the largest city in the country’s Ostrobothnia region.

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The latest HTEC facility, the second in Finland, is set up at the educational institute Yrkesakademin (known as “Ya!”) maintained by the Federation of Swedish Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture. The Ya! HTEC, established with help from the local Haas factory outlet Oy Grönblom AB, is equipped with a GT-20 2-axis lathe, an SL-10 turning centre and two TM toolroom mills, all of them production machines.

Bert Maes, the HTEC coordinator at Haas Automation Europe, noted that Vaasa has a strong and growing industrial sector and is the site of the largest energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries. Ya!’s welcome decision to invest in Haas equipment thus is a good way to support training of the region’s new generation of CNC machinists, he said.

Ya! itself leads Ostrobothnia Metal, the local metalworking cluster consisting of some 300 companies and organisations. In this role, the academy is an important hub for regional manufacturing entrepreneurs, subcontractors and OEMs interested in sharing ideas and forming alliances. Cluster officials expect the HTEC to be a centrepiece of their group and an essential element of the development of Vaasa and its energy technology industry.

Haas Automation Europe N.V.

Zaventem, Belgium

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