Machine Tools Haas Europe celebrates installation of 1,000th HTEC machine tool

Editor: Eric Culp

TTK University of Applied Sciences in Tallinn, Estonia, has taken delivery of a Haas ES-5 horizontal machining centre, the 1,000th Haas CNC machine tool to be installed in a European educational establishment through the Haas Technical Education Centre (HTEC) programme.

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The HTEC facility at TTK, the largest university of applied sciences in Estonia, opened under the auspices of Abplanalp Consulting, the local Haas Factory Outlet (HFO), in 2008. The facility also holds eight Haas toolroom lathes, a CNC turning centre and 10 Haas CNC simulators

Wojciech Ratynski, managing director of Abplanalp Consulting, said, “This is a great day for the students and professors at TTK, and for Haas and Abplanalp. Between us, we have created much more than an HTEC. This facility is also a busy workshop, which connects local industry directly to the school. Students who graduate from here already have sufficient hands-on experience to make a valuable contribution to the businesses of their employees, or, if they prefer, start their own machining operations.”

Ratynski’s statement encapsulated Haas Automation’s mission statement for HTEC sites. They represent a partnership between European educational establishments, Haas Automation Europe, its distributor-owned HFOs and an alliance of CNC technology partners from industry. Haas launched the programme in 2007 to counter what the company called one of the greatest threats to Europe’s sustainable economic development: a shortage of talented and motivated young people entering the precision engineering industry with CNC machining skills.

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Karl Seegel, an alumnus of TTK, spoke highly of the HTEC and the experience it offers. “I graduated from the mechanical engineering school in 2009. Before the HTEC opened in 2008, we only had one CNC centre in the whole school, which wasn’t even open to students. At that time, it was possible to graduate without ever having touched a CNC machine tool!”

Haas Automation Europe has continued to launch HTECs at a regular pace. In April and May, the company held grand-opening celebrations for two more centres in Germany. The HTEC inaugurated on 27 April in Steinfurt, North Rhine-Westphalia, was the 60th established in Europe. Six days later, another technical education centre was opened in Horb am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg. Horb is a town typical of Germany’s rural south, where many small to medium-sized companies operate in the mechanical engineering sector.

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