Hot Runners Günther conference attracts range of guests, lecturers

Editor: Eric Culp

More than 200 toolmakers, plastics processors and other technologists descended on the bucolic Hessian hamlet of Frankenberg to learn more about hot runners, tool and mould materials and a range of other subjects during a two-day conference at Günther Heisskanaltechnik.

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In her introductory statement, Günther Managing Director Siegrid Sommer selected a football metaphor to describe the strong partnerships within the supply chain which are needed for companies to rise to the top. “This is the only way one can move into the Champions League.” The conference focused on how tools and hot runners work together to create optimal injection moulding processes.

The guests heartily applauded presentations from representatives of a number of European companies.(See Gallery) Subjects included new steel grades, advances in plastics, further developments in hot runner technology and how Günther and its products have helped provide solutions for a number of plastics processors. Guests also enjoyed factory tours – including a look at the company’s clean room for making Blueflow hot runner heating elements -- and an evening barbeque.

Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH

Frankenberg/Eder, Germany

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