Horn Cutting Tools/ Mach Grooving blades launch

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Horn in the UK will launch its new grooving and parting off blades, designed for universal use in the production of small batch sizes, at the Mach show.

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Horn's grooving blade with the S100 insert.
Horn's grooving blade with the S100 insert.
(Source: Horn_www.nicosauermann.com)

The grooving blades from Horn Cutting Tools, which are available with chip breaker geometry in all cutting widths, hold two inserts arranged in mirror symmetry. The self-clamping seat is precise and can be opened with a chuck key to enable easy replacement. A prism in the insert and the blade ensures a secure connection, the company says.

Coolant is transferred to the blade from the base of the holder. Two coolant connections act as the interface, which allows for the grooving blade to be easily switched from left to right. The coolant is able to reach the flank of the S100 insert regardless of the groove depth and if an insert with internal coolant supply is used, it will hit the cutting point directly. The nozzle creates a coolant jet that flushes chips out of the working area to reduce chip accumulation.


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