Machine Tools Grinding specialist and market leader Studer AG marks 100 years

Editor: Eric Culp

The largest employer in the Thun region of Switzerland, Fritz Studer AG in Steffisburg celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The company is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of complex cylindrical grinding systems.

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In 1912, Fritz Studer established a small machine shop in Steffisburg. Lacking a grinding machine for making precision parts, he promptly built his own and thus laid the foundation for Studer AG. His company has subsequently delivered more than 21,000 cylindrical grinding machines around the world.

The founder’s drive, along with the dedication and professional expertise of employees and the competence of leaders from later generations of the Studer family, helped the grinding company to overcome start-up problems and win respect for the establishment and its products throughout the world. Today, 100 years on, Studer AG leads the market for precision cylindrical grinding technology. The company has a staff of 800 and exports 95% of its production. The technical specialists in the head office are supported by more than 300 representatives in 40 countries.

Since 1994, Fritz Studer AG has been part of the Körber Schleifring Group, which comprises companies specialising in tool grinding, profile grinding and cylindrical grinding. The company continues to develop its sophisticated technologies, even collaborating with research institutes. It conducts more than 400 grinding trials and tests at its technology centre every year, and also maintains a customer centre. The future promises Studer machines that are lighter in weight and more dynamic, characterised by even more intelligence and low energy consumption.

Fritz Studer AG

Steffisburg, Switzerland