Taegutec Good things for turning come in small packages

Editor: Eric Culp

Cutting inserts for turning applications have same strength as larger counterparts, according to their supplier.

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Tool life has been dramatically increased, according to company tests.
Tool life has been dramatically increased, according to company tests.
(Source: Taegutec)

Taegutec has announced the introduction of its Rhino Turn line of mini inserts, which are said to meet the demands associated with improved casting and forging technologies.

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The company said 9 and 13mm inserts are just as strong as 12, 15 and 16 mm inserts currently available, but at a fraction of the cost and size. Rhino Turn’s two directional clamping force is claimed to outperform conventional ISO directional tools currently available.

The series includes holders with rigid clamping and three types of chip breaker inserts: FG, PC and MT. The supplier said the FG chip breaker should be used for finishing applications at a low cutting force on steel and stainless steel materials.

The PC chip breaker, for semi-finish to medium applications in steel machining, offers positive geometry, good chip control and is suitable for automotive component machining.

The MT breaker is designed for medium to medium rough applications in steel machining and is appropriate for continuous and interrupted cutting.

The company said its tool life test results found that the number of passes during interrupted cutting conditions on medium carbon alloy steel workpieces were almost doubled compared to conventional ISO tools. Both the ISO standard and Rhino Turn tools used the same chip breaker and coating grades, according to the manufacturer.