ITMG Giving a boost to UK productivity

Editor: Briggette Jaya

ITMG, a new group of like-minded companies have come together to push productivity in manufacturing and its competitive advantage in the UK.

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The venue of the event and open house celebration is the £4-million Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology in Bridgnorth, UK.
The venue of the event and open house celebration is the £4-million Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology in Bridgnorth, UK.
(Source: Cucumber PR)

Known as In-Comm Training & Manufacturing Group (ITMG), this consortium has been launched to support SME manufacturers and give them access to top technology, technical academies, business as well as learning support that can bridge the skills gap, increase R&D, help drive improvement and embrace Industry 4.0. All to also improve the companies' manufacturing performance and support the development of new products.

The non-profit organisation, has varying levels of membership ensuring that the group is open to all, from small businesses just starting out, through to multi-national companies. The members cover a wide range of engineering and manufacturing sectors from automotive and aerospace to oil and gas and nuclear and include leading players in metrology, wire EDM, CNC machinery and cutting tools. Currently, over 140 members have joined and can receive discounted access of up to 100 upskilling training courses, networking events and access to grant and funding opportunities.

Professional partners, including FBC Manby Bowdler and Moore Stephens, have also been appointed to help the companies overcome barriers to growth and sustainability through legal/HR advice and support by tapping into finance and managing expansion.

“Industry is extremely competitive at the moment and it could get harder, with complications from tariffs and unknown effects from Brexit negotiations,” commented Chris Sadler, General Manager of Castalloy Europe Ltd and Executive Board Member of ITMG. He added that ITMG was created also for the group to share the latest information and best practice.

ITMG will be delivering a series of sector-specific seminars, starting with an open house celebration at the £4-million Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology in Bridgnorth on 28 June 2018. With keynote presentations and live demonstrations, the event will focus on advanced technologies currently supporting the aerospace sector and how the UK supply chain can make better use of automation, Industry 4.0 and a highly skilled workforce to achieve higher levels of productivity.

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