Additive Manufacturing GF and EOS partner to integrate AM technology into mould inserts production process

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany/Switzerland - GF Machining Solutions and additive manufacturing (AM) pioneer EOS have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to develop exclusive solutions for mould makers.

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Pascal Boillat (left), head of GF Machining Solutions and Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of EOS.
Pascal Boillat (left), head of GF Machining Solutions and Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of EOS.
(Source: EOS)

Combining both companies' technologies will benefit the tool and die sector, a market in which GF holds a leading position thanks to its EDM, high-speed milling and automation technologies, the companies said.

According to GF and EOS, additive manufacturing technology offers the possibility to generate metal inserts featuring cooling close to the surface, allowing a shorter mould cooling sequence and therefore a much faster plastic injection cycle.

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“The cooperation allows us to increase the value for customers by integrating conventional and additive technologies," EOS founder and CEO, Dr. Hans J. Langer said, "This is a large step towards seamless production and we join forces with a strong and experienced partner.”

GF and EOS will undertake the integration of the additive manufacturing machines into the production process of mould inserts, including the necessary software and automation link with downstream machine tools and measuring devices.

GF CEO, Yves Serra added, “We welcome this strategic partnership very much. GF and EOS complement each other very well to offer the large customer base of GF Machining Solutions a unique set of technologies.”

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