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Editor: Briggette Jaya

How can digital networking analyse production and improve internal processes? Which software and hardware solutions are suitable? What about data security and protection?

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Connected Machining for milling and turning controls allows for the user at the machine to be in the centre of the networked process chain.
Connected Machining for milling and turning controls allows for the user at the machine to be in the centre of the networked process chain.
(Source: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain)

Heidenhain says its Connected Machining package can be the solution, which places the users at the centre of digital order management through the control, for example, his milling or turning machine. Heidenhain’s control individually networks all areas accompanying production. Tailored to fit existing structures, it is open for future needs and developments, too. The options, software and hardware for Connected Machining in the control provide machinists with all information of the company network needed for the job and allow them to return data from production to the process chain, enabling all involved parties to work with real data from production. Options offered are the State Monitor software, Remote Desktop Manager, Heidenhain DNC interface and Extended Workspace display.


It’s actually only one presentation, but it will take place distributed over various locations at AMB: Milling and turning machines at the booths of numerous machine manufacturers will be connected live with the Heidenhain Booth 2D03 in Hall 2 via Connected Machining. The State Monitor software from the Connected Machining package will provide a quick overview of the current machine and job status of the connected machines as well as information on machine messages.

Heidenhain will also demonstrate the simple handling of process data with Connected Machining. The user can use Connected Machining to retrieve data from the network and apply it directly at the control. This includes displaying image files or PDFs over the control’s standard functions. The Remote Desktop Manager enables the user to switch from the control screen to the user interface of a Windows PC. Technical drawings, CAD data, NC programs, tool data, work instructions, parts lists and warehouse information are thus digitally available at the machine. Data from the workshop can be made available over the network directly from the machine. This way all areas in the company network have direct access to all relevant data.

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