Germany German association reports positive reaction to metalworking club

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

VDW, the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, has recently founded its “Club of Metalworking” and already reports positive feedback. The club offers services for international metalworking experts including easier access to trade shows.

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Apart from trade show services, members of the Club of Metalworking also receive latest news about the sector.
Apart from trade show services, members of the Club of Metalworking also receive latest news about the sector.
(Source: VDW)

The goal of the club is to make visiting trade shows simpler, faster and better, as VDW announced. This includes that members of the Club of Metalworking receive free-of-charge season tickets for the EMO Hannover and the METAV. In addition to free use of the public transport network for visiting the fair, members can also use their club cards to enjoy numerous services free of charge, like a fast lane for accelerated admission, the cloakroom or the Club of Metalworking’s lounge.

Besides trade shows, the club offers information services to its members, as they recieve a newsletter every six to eight weeks, informing them about news from the sector. Additionally, club meetings are planned to provide opportunities for networking. The membership is free of charge.

More than 1,000 registration inquiries

After the club was launched only a few days ago, VDW already reports more than 1,000 registration inquiries. In a first step, visitors to the EMO Hannover and the Metav were invited to join the Club of Metalworking. The registration figures so far thus reflect the perceived international importance of these fairs, VDW stated. The majority of members already registered come from all parts of Europe, besides Germany primarily from Scandinavia, the Baltic states, plus Central and Eastern Europe. The Club of Metalworking is also seeing strong registration figures both in the traditionally important markets of Japan, USA, South Korea, China and Taiwan and in the emergent markets of Mexico, Russia, India and Brazil. Even in Iceland, Australia, Thailand and South Africa, trade visitors have been enthusiastically applying for membership.

“We’ve been receiving positive feedback from all over the world, which is of course very gratifying. But we also see this as a vote of confidence that we have to live up to,” says Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the VDW. “It is accordingly our declared goal to progress the capabilities of the Club of Metalworking and to bring additional partners on board. We’re already talking to some initial interested parties, and are confident we’re on the right track.”

For example, after a successful first contact, the aim is also to place communication on a broader basis. The club is open to all metalworking experts, irrespective of their job descriptions and qualifications, emphasises Dr. Schäfer: “What our members have in common is a passion for metalworking. From trainees to purchasers, from skilled workers to managing directors, every member is more than welcome.”