Education Gene Haas donates $1m for machining, manufacturing scholarships

Editor: Eric Culp

The money – available in Europe, Canada, the US, and South Africa – is a gift through the Gene Haas Foundation.

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Gene Haas (l.) hands over $1 million to help support students learning about machining and manufacturing.
Gene Haas (l.) hands over $1 million to help support students learning about machining and manufacturing.
(Source: Haas Automation)

Haas Automation Europe has announced the availability of a $1 million (€745,000) scholarship fund for machining and manufacturing education created by Gene Haas, the company’s founder and CEO.

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The company noted that the money was provided to continue the machine tool magnate’s mission of ensuring a continuous supply of highly qualified students for manufacturing-based jobs, especially in industries where precision machining is crucial.

The founder explained his motivation. “By reducing the financial burden for students, we expect them to better focus on high academic achievement. Our goal is to help increase the quality and retention of students in manufacturing training programs across Europe. This is especially important at a time when young people appear to be losing interest in manufacturing-based careers.”

Applications for the scholarships are available online and managed by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation. It said it expects to award up to 1,000 scholarships this year. Scholarships of €500 to €2,000 are available, depending on the cost of the program of study, Hass Automation explained.

Foundation CEO Bart Aslin said, “Applications are made by the school, to which funds are sent directly.” A scholarship committee will review applications as they are submitted to ensure the minimum eligibility requirements are met. All applicants meeting the requirements will be awarded a scholarship, as long as funding is available.

“As we work to dispel the myth that people with a Bachelor’s degree automatically make more money than those without, we recognize the importance of creating educational pathways that allow all students the chance to earn a good living,” Aslin added.

Schools can download the application form at and e-mail it to The last day for applications is 1 November 2013, the company said.