Xjet / Formnext Gearing up for rapid growth with unique AM technology for fine, detailed ceramics and metals parts

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Additive manufacturing company Xjet is ramping up attention on the metal side of its business and promising new developments at Formnext.

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Visitors at Xjet's booth will witness the production of fine-quality metal parts on the Carmel 1400 AM System.
Visitors at Xjet's booth will witness the production of fine-quality metal parts on the Carmel 1400 AM System.
(Source: Xjet)

Users of Xjet's Carmel system are currently in the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Israel and very soon in the UK and Italy as well - all having happened over the last 12 months, Xjet says. It added that it now has plans to establish a worldwide leading channel network and is launching its state-of-the-art new Additive Manufacturing Center.

At Formnext, Xjet will present its unique, powderless, additive manufacturing process for both ceramics and metals on the Carmel 1400 AM System, which will demonstrate the production of fine-quality metal parts. The company will also update visitors on the latest developments in its technology and present at the TCT Introducing Stage at 15:30 hours on Tuesday 13 November a talk titled, Powder-Free Ceramic and Metal AM.

The company's Nano-Particle Jetting (NPJ) technology represents a step-change in the quality of additively manufactured metal and ceramic parts, Xjet notes. The technology delivers substantial improvements in density, detail and design freedom. The NPJ technology is a unique inkjet approach, which enables the manufacture of highly-complex parts with superfine details, smooth surfaces and pinpoint accuracy. Very thin layers of just a few microns can be achieved in powder-based ceramic and metal AM technologies. Cavities and fine details can be created without being harmed in the support-removal process, thanks to a separate material being used for support structures, Xjet explains.

Visitors at the booth can experience close-up the quality of both metal and ceramic materials. Experts will also be on-hand to discuss how the NPJ technology can solve manufacturing problems and deliver exclusive benefits unmatched by other technologies.

At Formnext, Xjet will be in Hall 3.1, Booth D80.

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