Gewefa/ Mach Gauge for quick, accurate spindle-force readings and more

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Toolholding company Gewefa will showcase a range of products at Mach. Also on presentation will be tools from the company's partners – Pibomulti, Ott-Jakob, EWS, Nann and Rineck.

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The Ott-Jakob Power Check pull-force gauge is said to be an invaluable part of machine shop maintenance programmes.
The Ott-Jakob Power Check pull-force gauge is said to be an invaluable part of machine shop maintenance programmes.
(Source: Gewefa)

UK debuts include Gewefa’s M96 ER hydraulic collet chuck securing concept and a new range of modular angle heads from Pibomulti. Also on presentation will be EWS's quick-change Varia toolholding system, the Power Check pull-force gauge and accessories from Ott-Jakob, a range of Simon Nann's standard collet chucks as well as a selection of universal heat-shrink clamping machines from Rineck. As an expansion of the Power Check pull-force gauge, Ott-Jakob now offers a Mark III version of the unit that provides readings remotely via a handset, enabling the automated checking of the spindle pull-back force. According to the company, the Power Check unit is an invaluable part of machine shop maintenance programmes, which enables accurate spindle-force readings quickly and with high precision. It can thus prevent spindle failure and also detect problems that can lead to inaccuracy. Ideally, Power Check is housed within a nominated pocket in the machines’ tool carousel, ready for the next spindle pull-back reading. Moreover, the unit can be easily relocated from machine to machine.


Gewefa says its M96 ER hydraulic collet is a flexible toolholding system that fixes the collet location of ER-driven head spindles. It offers an all-around grip on the cutter, with anti-vibration damping for improved surface finish. Features include a consistent spindle run-out and automatic centring of the inner and outer taper – to virtually zero, Gewefa claims. M96 is available in two shank options – ER25 and ER32, accommodating cutter diameters from six to 20 mm.

Pibomulti's new “Rainbow” range of angle heads is assembled on a modular concept, which allows cost savings of up to 30% over standard fixed-head units, the company notes. Available in fixed 90º, adjustable and slim-line designs with R65 and R80 indexing, they come in eight different types of modular shanks including DIN, BT, HSK and Capto versions.

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