Parpas Gantry machine for high-speed milling offers 3+2, 5-axis processing options

Editor: Eric Culp

The Esagon from Parpas is said to be a linear high-speed milling machine with outstanding dynamics and a maximum feed rate of 120m/min.

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(Photo: Parpas)

It has an extremely stiff construction in which the three linear axes are located in the portal and the two rotary axes in the table. The two horizontal axes (X, Y) are fitted as gantry axes. The swivel axis for the machining table can likewise be arranged as a gantry axis and swivels at 60 min-1. In addition, the Italian supplier reports that the rotary table is driven by a torque motor which turns at a maximum of 120 min-1.

Furthermore, this variant of the milling machine is perfectly suited for 3+2 or 5-axis machining, according to the manufacturer.