Breton Gantry machine design seeks to add high speeds to mould construction

Editor: Eric Culp

The unit can process steel and aluminium.

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The centre is built for processing large, complex workpieces.
The centre is built for processing large, complex workpieces.
(Source: Breton)

Italian machine tool supplier Breton has announced the introduction of a high-speed milling machine that the company has designed specifically for mould makers who serve the automobile and aerospace sectors.

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The company’s Matrix 1000/Dynamix, classified as a Gantry machining centre, is built for processing large, complex workpieces, Breton explained. The closed build provides thermal stability and precision for high-speed processing and offers a high level of protection for the operator, the company said.

The manufacturer went on to note that the machining centre can be employed for operations with medium- and large-sized workpieces made of steel, aluminium and composites.

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