Cadenas Gamechanger

| Editor: Steffen Donath

Cadenas catalog is now part of Game4automation. The models can now be used in Unity, originally a development enviroment for video games.

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3D CAD models available with just a few clicks.
3D CAD models available with just a few clicks.
(Source: Cadenas)

Game4automation, of the German in2sight GmbH, as of now offers engineers and designers access to millions of 3D CAD models from over 500 parts catalogs. The original data of the manufacturers is based on the e-catalog-solutions technology by Cadenas and can be integrated directly into Game4automation as a free development framework for visualisation, virtual commissioning, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in automated environments. The framework Game4automation for engineering is based on the commercial games development environment Unity and offers the necessary possibilities to bring the digital twin to life in Unity. As usual in games, this allows a very powerful visualisation in a photorealistic quality even with large systems.


With the integration of the Cadenas plugin ‘parts4cad’ into Game4automation, users no longer have to surf the internet for hours to find the parts needed for their virtual commissioning. Thanks to the plugin, the desired 3D components can be individually configured easily and integrated directly with just a few clicks.

“Our close cooperation with Game4automation aims also at mutually developing digital twins for a new virtual commissioning and simulation software based on Unity,” confirms Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of Cadenas. “The new solution will build on Automation ML and in a further step on FMI / FMU behaviour models.”

“The integration of parts4cad of Cadenas into Game4Automation enables engineering companies to easily create visualisations and simulations in Unity based on the Cadenas parts library. The FMU behavior models can then also be used for virtual commissioning, without having to set up and maintain one's own library. This is so far unique and a huge time-saver for our users,” adds Dr. Thomas Strigl, CEO of in2sight.