Hannover Messe Future-oriented technology and innovations

Author / Editor: Rosemarie Stahl / Rosemarie Stahl

From 24 to 28 April, 2017, Hannover Messe has opened its gates to visitors from all over the world. More than 6,500 exhibitors showed the latest developments and future-oriented technologies, covering a wider range of themes and exhibits than any other event.

Sunny sky over the leading industrial show Hannover Messe 2017.
Sunny sky over the leading industrial show Hannover Messe 2017.
(Source: Stahl)

A visit at Hannover Messe is always a little bit breath taking. Just the sheer mass of exhibitors can easily lead to feeling oversaturated. If one planned to visit every single one of the exhibitors in the 5 exhibition days, he would have to work his way through 1,500 exhibitors per day – not to speak of the additional 1,700 lectures and panels. Deutsche Messe, the organiser of the trade fair, found a practical solution to make it easier for visitors. The trade fair is devided into specific topics, which can be found in halls that are close toghether. And even then it is a huge undertaking to get the full scope of the exhibited products and innovations.

Still, Hannover Messe is the place where visitors can witness the future. The main areas of the trade fair, which devide the exhibition into 7 theme clusters, are each a not so small trade fair of their own and are dedicated to pioneering fields of the industry: Industrial Automation, MDA (Motion, Drive and Automation), Digital Factory, Energy, ComVac (Compressed-air and vacuum solutions), Industrial Supply, and Research & Technology. All of these areas are witness to great challanges of the future: Renewable energy, robotics, sustainability, IT, digital twins, lightweight construction and the industrial revolution allowi a glimpse into future innovations. And Hannover Messe with all of its 190,000 professional visitors breath that spirit.

Strong growth for startup scene

Whoever is interested in innovation in industry was able to find inspiration at the 150 startups exhibiting at Young Tech Enterprises in Hall 3. “More and more startups are interested in connecting with industry and thus are exhibiting at the Young Tech Enterprises area at Hannover Messe. This is clear when looking at the number of individual exhibitors, which has increased by more than 30,” says Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Global Director Research & Technology at Deutsche Messe. “The companies present a diverse range of concepts, innovations and products that can be used in many different industry sectors.”

Another irreplaceable topic at Hannover is Industry 4.0. This topic is increasingly blurring the lines between the various sectors of industry, while innovation cycles continue to get shorter. These are trends that manufacturers around the world cannot afford to ignore, no matter how large or small. Therefore, Hannover Messe, too, is adapting to this new reality. Up to last year, transmission and fluid power technologies have been featured at the fair on a biennial basis. “But the marketplace has changed,” reports Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Jochen Köckler. “In the digital age, new products are reaching the market stage much more quickly, with the result that companies want to showcase them at shorter intervals. That’s why we’ve decided to feature transmission and fluid power technologies annually from 2018 on,” he explains.