Control 2017 Fully-automated module monitoring for process reliability

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Kelch offers a fully-automatic, module monitoring system, Mo-De-Tec, a patented system that, the company says, prevents the selection of incorrect adapters in production. As such, costly consequential damage, such as impaired quality, machine damage and production downtime can be avoided.

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Mo-De-Tec is a patented, tool-holder spindle for maximum process reliability, Kelch says.
Mo-De-Tec is a patented, tool-holder spindle for maximum process reliability, Kelch says.
(Source: Kelch)

The system was developed by Kelch as part of a research project with the Fraunhofer Institute and is the world's first 100% process-reliable module monitoring system, the company notes.

“Conventional solutions do offer additional prompts but they can lead to poorly machined workpieces and machine damage in the event of an incorrect selection,” said Viktor Grauer, member of the Executive Board at Kelch.

By contrast, with Mo-De-Tec, the spindle communicates with the spindle insert. On inserting the adapter, the system immediately selects the correct adapter in the software without the need for manual intervention. It systematically rules out sources of errors. Every adapter fitted with this system carries a data chip bearing the serial number, name and zero point. The benefit of the system is that it relieves the pressure on operators, as the system works fully automatically and known-error sources can become a thing of the past. To offer maximum reliability, moreover, Mo-De-Tec does not permit any deliberate or unintentional intervention or tampering. As soon as an adapter has been inserted, the software only reacts to the insertion of a new adapter, the company adds.

Savings and convenience

Customers already using the system appreciate the reliability and time savings offered by the system. An additional bonus is that Mo-De-Tec can also be retrofitted by means of an upgrade package and is thus also suitable for customers who already have tool pre-setters. The investment for Mo-De-Tec is minimal as the adapters can also be re-worked with ease and re-used.

At Control, Kelch will be at hall 4, booth 4514.

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