EDM French, Spanish carmakers select ONA EDM units

Editor: Eric Culp

France’s Peugeot and Spain’s SEAT have installed ONA wire and die sinking EDM machines, the equipment supplier said.

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Peugeot bought two machines for its mould and tooling production centre in Mulhouse, France, One is an AF35 wire EDM machine, and the other a large-sized die sinking EDM machine, the NX7, which has a capacity for parts up to 10 tonnes and a generator for up to 400 amps of power. With the purchase of these two new machines, the Mulhouse site now hosts nine ONA machines

SEAT has installed three ONA units at its Martorell (Spain) factory: two wire EDM machines (AF35 and AF25) and an ONA NX4 die sinking EDM machine.