Formnext 2019 / Leo Lane For secure AM workflow

Editor: Steffen Donath

Leo Lane will showcase its software product at Formnext. which aims to ensure consistent and secure additive manufacturing processes.

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Moshe Molcho, co-founder and CEO of Leo Lane
Moshe Molcho, co-founder and CEO of Leo Lane
(Source: Leo Lane)

Visitors to the Leo Lane booth (Hall 12, Booth B81A) will be able to see how the company's product can protect their intellectual property (IP), improve accuracy and quality, and prevent lost revenue. Since all digital assets can be accurately tracked and audited, companies can accurately analyse when, where and how each product was produced throughout the workflow. This enables them to better control their production processes.

In addition, companies benefit from the cost advantages of additive manufacturing, including savings from virtual inventory: no inventory costs, simpler logistics and shipping processes, elimination of obsolete parts.

At Formnext, Moshe Molcho, co-founder and CEO of Leo Lane, will give a presentation titled “The Sum of the Parts: Ensuring a secure end-to-end AM workflow.” During the presentation, which will take place on Wednesday, November 20 at 15:30-15:45 at the @TCT Introducing Stage, Moshe Molcho will explain how companies can integrate know-how from different sources and optimise their processes for additive manufacturing of parts. Molcho will also show how a holistic approach can improve the quality and precision of parts manufacturing while providing the best possible intellectual property protection.

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