Krauss-Maffei Group Focus on intelligent machines, linked production processes and interactive service solutions

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Krauss-Maffei's new CEO Dr. Frank Stieler opened the company's official press conference at Fakuma 2015 in Friedrichshafen.

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“For us, Industry 4.0 is a long-term project,” says Krauss-Maffei's CEO Dr. Frank Stieler.
“For us, Industry 4.0 is a long-term project,” says Krauss-Maffei's CEO Dr. Frank Stieler.
(Source: Schulz)

While Stieler refused to make any statements regarding the company's future strategy, the financial figures look promising so far. For the first half of 2015, Krauss-Maffei reports €625m worth of orders were received (up from €550m in the first half of 2014) with sales revenue growing to €576m from €521m over the same period.

The Group also took the opportunity to promote its implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept under the umbrella term "Plastics 4.0". Industry 4.0 is a vision of end to end connectivity for all the production processes within the plastics processing industry. "In our view, the key requirements of plastics processors in the implementation of Industry 4.0 are production efficiency, flexibility, automation, availability, and quality", said Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, president of Injection Molding Machinery at the Krauss-Maffei Group. The Krauss-Maffei Group already has multiple products in its portfolio which support its customers' Industry 4.0 requirements. "For us, Industry 4.0 is a long-term project. With our solutions we want to use the potential of intelligent and flexible production with state-of-the-art information and communication technology, and support our customers in optimising their value-added chain and strengthening their market position."

At Fakuma the Krauss-Maffei and Netstal brands demonstrated specific applications of ways in which the Industry 4.0 vision can be implemented in injection moulding production. A typical example of an intelligent machine at Krauss-Maffei is the APC function (Adaptive Process Control).

This recognises process fluctuations, that can be caused by changing environmental conditions, and independently adopts counteractive measures. Netstal and Krauss-Maffei take this one step further with the seamless networking of the injection moulding machines Elion 2800 and CX 300 with a materials supply/dryer, giving visitors a glimpse of how efficiency can be increased through data exchange.