Fakuma 2015 Flexible, high-performance automatic in-mould labelling

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Switzerland – Beck Automation will be presenting its latest Beck-Flex IML (in-mould labelling) system, which is a side-entry automated IML designed for flexibility.

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(Source: Beck Automation)

Target groups for the new system range from experienced IML users seeking to get contemporary trends to the point of sale quickly, to packaging businesses new to the concept of IML. The company says that Beck-Flex specifically targets short re-tooling times, a wide label, product or mould range and small to medium size production batches. It has been designed as a universal all-in-one solution to meet a wide range of production requirements, including the decoration of products that are inside or outside gated, moulds with different numbers of cavities, different types of labels, and rapid changeover.

At Fakuma, the Beck-Flex will be presented as a four cavity solution with a mould deploying hot runners from Otto Hofstetter. In this case, cavity spacing is 235 mm. The application is a cylindrical container made of PP with MFI 70 and 155 ml volume, with a wall thickness of some 0.4 mm. An Engel emotion 440/160 injection moulding machine is also on show. The Beck-Flex is said to offer IML users a wide range of possibilities with very short lead times to give their product communication a premium look at point of sale and thus influence the consumers’ purchase decision process.