IDS/ Control Five-MP camera systems offer larger view fields

Editor: Briggette Jaya

IDS Imaging Development Systems manufactures sensors and industrial cameras. Its portfolio now includes five-MP variants of the modular 3D camera system, Ensenso X, in addition to vision app-based cameras and sensors.

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The Ensenso X series, now with five-MP industrial cameras with an IMX264 CMOS sensor from Sony.
The Ensenso X series, now with five-MP industrial cameras with an IMX264 CMOS sensor from Sony.
(Source: IDS)

According to the company, five-MP cameras provide 3D vision, with larger view fields and more image details. Ensenso X can be deployed in factory automation (like bin-picking), warehouse and logistics automation (like pallet-picking). Compared to the currently available 1.3-MP sensors, the larger field of view means the distance between the camera system and the object is reduced. To completely capture a packed Euro pallet (volume 120 x 80 x 100 cm), the distance required is now 1.25 m instead of 1.5 m. The Z-accuracy is now 0.43 mm instead of 0.2 mm. Furthermore, the new models enable an increase of up to 35% in lateral resolution, and are over 30% quieter, thus details and depth information can be captured more precisely, IDS adds. Vision app-based industrial cameras are convertible like smartphone apps, making them intelligent assistants.

IDS NXT applies the app principle to industrial image processing. Users benefit from its flexibility, for example, they can assign their required image processing task to the vision app-based cameras and sensors as per request. This allows for variable functionality of the device as well as the direct, device-internal processing of information provided by the image sensor. Based on the app development kit and a Halcon-embedded runtime license, users can create and install individual vision apps. IDS NXT comes with IDS NXT Vegas with a 1.3-MP CMOS sensor, a liquid lens with autofocus, an integrated ToF sensor and many other functions.

IDS Imaging Development Systems will be in Hall 6, Booth 6406 at Control.

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