Boride Files for moulds and dies

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Boride Engineered Abrasives is continuing the expansion of its product range with the addition of a wide variety of diamond files to their line-up. This new product line includes high- quality Diamond Needle Files, Extra Slim Needle Files, Contact Files, DH and DHM Files.

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Boride has expanded its portfolio of grinding tools.
Boride has expanded its portfolio of grinding tools.
(Source: Boride Engineered Abrasives)

Boride’s Needle Files and Extra Slim Needle Files are grinding tools for mould and die shops and extruders while DH and DHM Files are tapered files for the aluminium extrusion and plastics industries with the primary application of filing inside slots and grooves. The Contact Files offer solutions for the mould and die, electronic and automotive industries, Boride states.

“These diamond files are a fantastic addition to our product offering,” says Betsi Burns, Boride’s Sales and Product Manager. “Our new diamond files are unique, high-quality, yield excellent results, and are a perfect complement to our line of mould polishing tools, equipment and accessories.”

Boride has been known as a manufacturer of abrasive products for industrial and consumer applications for almost forty years. The company also distributes products sourced from global suppliers.

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