German RepRap Filament with properties for multiple applications

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – With PET-G filament, German RepRap has extended its filament portfolio, which the company says offers optimum mechanical properties and high thermoforming characteristics.

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PET-G filament has a great potential for industrial users.
PET-G filament has a great potential for industrial users.
(Source: German Reprap)

It is a thermoplastic material produced by the poly-condensation of polyesters and can be used in multiple applications.

PET-G is polar and thus contains strong intermolecular forces. The molecule also has a linear structure without crosslinks – properties for semi-crystalline areas and fibres – resulting in a material with a high degree of breaking strength and stability at temperatures of up to 80°C. However, it has low impact strength while its sliding and wear characteristics are good and, it has a glass transition temperature of around 80°C.

The material can be processed easily like PLA and has a high surface quality, which eliminates the need to rework objects when used correctly. It has good adhesion properties on standard PET foil, while having distortion / warp-free properties. PET-G is classified as flame retardant in accordance to fire protection regulation B1 with a high chemical resistance and a melting point between 240° to 260°C.

Depending on the print speed, objects can be printed at 240° to 260° C. This filament is suitable for industrial applications such as function prototypes or for small batches. PET-G can be used on all of the company’s X-Series printers that can produce high-volume technical components and intricate geometries.