Lach Diamant Fast, clean milling of aluminum components with a “Plus”

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – The centrepiece of Lach Diamant’s booth will be its Cool Injection-Plus PCD milling cutter, which was co-developed with Audi.

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The cool injection-plus PCD milling cutter was co-developed with Audi.
The cool injection-plus PCD milling cutter was co-developed with Audi.
(Source: Lach Diamant)

The machine features the patented Cool Injection cooling system; the “Plus” element, developed by Audi, is a chip for controlled HSC machining of aluminium.

During the Cool Injection process, the cooling jet is guided by a PCD surface. Lach Diamant says that combining it with the Plus controller into a single unit enables operators to work effectively with extremely high cutting speeds and feeds required for HSC machining. Also, the Cool Injection-Plus Monobloc milling cutters can be manufactured with very high numbers of PCD cutting edges because chips produced during machining are immediately diverted away from the work area. As the chips do not need to be “cut” multiple times, the machine helps to achieve optimal surface quality and precision, as well as maximise tool life of the PCD milling cutter. Machines already installed in the automotive industry are claimed to have helped to cut cycle times in the production of engines and gearbox housings by over 50%.

The cutters have a high number of teeth to maximise performance in aluminium machining and are available in up to 100 mm diameters. They are delivered ready for immediate installation onto the machine. “Dia-Blue Power” PCD cartridge milling cutter, from Lach, is available for diameters from ø 125 to 450 mm.