Laser Scanning Faro Europe, Topcon sign partnership agreement to distribute Faro laser scanner

Editor: Eric Culp

Topcon Europe Positioning and Faro Europe have signed a strategic partnership agreement for the distribution of the Faro laser scanner Focus 3D in most European countries, the Middle East and Africa.

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Commenting on the arrangement, Topcon Product Manager Sander Jongeleen said, “The availability of the Focus 3D will complement our existing high‐accuracy long‐range GLS‐1500 scanner. The Focus 3D has been designed for close-range laser scanning and is equipped with a very intuitive user interface. Sitting alongside our GLS‐1500, the Focus 3D will allow our distribution network to address every segment of the terrestrial scanning marketplace.”

The Faro laser scanner is said to feature a measurement update rate of nearly a million points per second, accuracy of 2 mm, and a small, lightweight form factor. Further, it is equipped with a compass and height sensor and has a dual-axis compensator to aid in setup and point cloud registration.

In addition to data exchange with Faro’s Scene software, the partners said Topcon’s ScanMaster desktop management solution can be used for editing and manipulating Focus 3D data.

David Homewood, vice president of sales for Faro Europe, said, “The partnership represents a fantastic opportunity for Faro to build a long-term sales channel with Topcon Europe, one of the largest positioning companies in the marketplace, as the demand for quick, accurate, low-cost laser scanning continues to gain momentum,”

The distribution agreement took effect at the beginning of June.

Faro Europe GmbH & Co, KG

Korntal-Münchingen, Germany

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