Zimmer & Kreim Expansion in Poland with a new distributor

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany/Poland – Since the beginning of April, APX Technologie Sp z o.o. has been a Zimmer & Kreim distributor for Poland.

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The ZK Genius 602 is an EDM system with a compact design and was on show at the recently held Plastpol exhibition.
The ZK Genius 602 is an EDM system with a compact design and was on show at the recently held Plastpol exhibition.
(Source: ZK)

APX Technologie was founded in the year 2000 and specialises in sales and service of machines for machining precision tools and clamping system for CNC machines. APX is the exclusive Polish supplier of renowned manufacturers from Japan, Taiwan and Italy and assumes maintenance and service duties for these brands.

APX Technologie is also active in manufacturing and in the plant in Ciencisko produces tool holders, restraint systems and components as a supplier for the automotive and aviation industries. APX has extensive experience in individual process solution ("turnkey solution") consultation and implementation of production lines. The range of services offered includes support with machine programming and the selection of tools and other technical parameters.

APX is a high quality manufacturer of technically advanced tools such as injection tools, dies or services for the tool industry.

With ZK as a new partner, handling systems and EDM systems are now also integrated in APX's turnkey solutions. Zimmer & Kreim's applications and systems perfectly complement APX's offering and play a key role in cross-process solutions.

"With APX Technologie, we have found a strong distribution partner for Poland, who knows our technologies and has a good understanding of our general approach of cross-process manufacturing in tool and mould making," says Armand Bayer, Managing Director of Zimmer & Kreim. "We are looking forward to a successful new partnership”.

The newly formed partnership wsa showcased for the first time at the Plastpol trade fair from 17 to 20 May in Kielce in the heart of Poland. Plastpol is one of the leading trade fairs in the plastics sector in Central Eastern Europe and with more than 800 exhibitors and visitors from all over the world an interesting platform for the industry. APX Technology's exhibition booth, has been showcasing the ZK genius 602, an EDM system known for its maximum precision. With its compact design, it is the most space-saving EDM system in its class on the market.

Zimmer & Kreim is not only a renowned manufacturer of EDM systems, however, but also sells technologies like the Chameleon automatic handling system or specific software solutions in over 30 countries. All over the world, customers rely on all-in-one solutions from the three divisions of Zimmer & Kreim: EDM systems, handling systems and software solutions. With this portfolio, Zimmer & Kreim enjoys a unique position among manufacturers, as it can offer the expertise for all three areas of business as a "one-stop-shop".

This allows ZK to offer customised solutions ranging from single EDM applications to comprehensive solutions for automated, cross-technology manufacturing. For more than 30 years now, the company has proven a reliable partner for small, medium and large enterprises in the tool and mould making and manufacturing industries.