Trade Fairs Europe’s machine tool builders, Asian partners create Shanghai exhibition

Editor: Eric Culp

The group plans to repeat the show every two years.

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Cecimo General Director Filip Geerts (l.) and representatives from partner organisations at the signing ceremony in Singapore.
Cecimo General Director Filip Geerts (l.) and representatives from partner organisations at the signing ceremony in Singapore.
(Source: Cecimo)

The European association of machine tool builders Cecimo has announced it will work with two Asian companies to create a biennial exhibition of member products in Shanghai.

In a statement, Cecimo said the European Machine Tool (EMTE)-Eastpo Exhibition has been scheduled for 14-17 July, 2014, and Shanghai-based Eastpo Culture Development and MP International, Singapore, will serve as organisational partners.

Cecimo Director General Filip Geerts said, “Our purpose is to meet the need of European machine tool builders to have another machine tool exhibition at the right place – Shanghai – and time.” The show, to be held in even years, “will be the only Cecimo-backed exhibition in Shanghai”, he said. In odd years, Cecimo hosts the Emo machine tool show in Europe, and the Chinese partner has been holding Eastpo fairs those same years.

According to Cecimo, the global machine tool market is marked by an enormous shift towards Asia and specifically China, which makes it a prime location for European machine tool builders.

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The association noted that Asia’s share in global machine tool consumption is around 67%, and demand in the region is showing dynamic growth. China leads all the countries in the world with annual machine tool purchases of €28.1 billion or 45% of global consumption. China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India collectively account for 65% machine tool purchases and they are looking to buy European machine tools, Cecimo said.

By holding a machine tool exhibition in the heart of Asia, Cecimo explained that its members, Europe’s national associations, hope to establish a stronger footing in the region for their companies to sustain their business and, potentially, capture a bigger market share in the emerging economies.

The future already looks bright for the show, according to Eastpo Managing Director Eric Zhong. “With the combined strengths of all three partners, we are confident that the first joint exhibition will have the support of both machine tool makers and users, and grow in stature with each presentation.”

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Cecimo noted that following the strong tradition of major exhibitions in Europe, EMTE-Eastpo also has strict exhibitor admission rules in place. “We will also ensure that the intellectual property rights of manufacturers are not infringed, and that there will be live demonstrations of exhibits presented according to product sectors,” it added.

The wide array of exhibits will be displayed in sectors that include machine tools, precision tools, parts, components, accessories, manufacturing and process automation, metrology and quality assurance, and services, Cecimo said.