Control 2017 Equipment for layer thickness measurement and element analysis

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Quality Control – For the first time at a fair in Germany, DepraTechnik presents high-performance X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for layer thickness measurement and element analysis.

Bowman is a series of equipment for layer thickness measurement and element analysis.
Bowman is a series of equipment for layer thickness measurement and element analysis.
(Source: Depra Technik)

According to the company, the team of K Alpha, which developed Bowman, has many years of experience in X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, especially in the field of coating thickness measurement.

Several devices optimised for different measurement tasks, which can be individually adapted to the requirements, are offered. Key features are the precise analyses and layer thickness measurements in the element area between aluminum and uranium; SiPIN detector or SDD; motorised Z axis with fixed or programmable XY stage; possibly high-precision or with extended travel range, single or multi-collimator, the modular Bowman devices offer with their 50-watt x-ray tube; German production; the optimised measuring geometry with short measurement times and high measuring quality, especially for ENIG, ENEPIG and electroless nickel incl. determination of P-content.

Focus laser and fixed or multivariable focus are available, as well as different magnifications. Bowman also offers x-ray fluorescence with capillary optics for small measuring spots with high intensity. According to Depra Technik, in conjunction with a high resolution solid state detector, short measuring times with a high result quality are achieved.

The intuitive user interface provides:

  • Overview for the day routine
  • Advanced functionality for multiple users
  • Password protection for all user levels
  • No limits for further calibrations
  • All measurements are stored automatically
  • Various search functions (Lot #, ANr #, etc.)
  • Customisable 1-Click report generator
  • Data export as PDF, CSV, etc.
  • Standard software
  • Freely assignable function keys for quick application changes
  • Comprehensive and color results display.

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