Berkenhoff Entry-level member of family of zinc-coated EDM wires upholds reliability reputation

Editor: Eric Culp

The Cobracut family of spark-erosion wires from Berkenhoff GmbH has been available to tool and mould makers under the Bedra brand for more than 30 years. A pioneer in coated EDM wire, Cobracut A was engineered to set standards for precision and reliability. Now, Berkenhoff has added to the family Cobracut AS, an economical wire for companies whose erosion-machining needs are at the entry level.

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Cobracut A is known as a family of high-performance zinc-coated wire-EDM electrodes. Berkenhoff’s Cobracut AS serves as an economical and more reliable alternative to cheap imitations of the Cobracut technology that have infiltrated the market. These entry-level wires are designed to satisfy the common demands of manufacturing companies working with Agie wire-cutting EDM machines—specifically, reproducible precision and surface quality.

The galvanised-brass wire is produced in the manufacturer’s own smelting shop from the highest-purity alloy components. An optimised galvanisation and drawing process employs so-called speed annealing to ensure that the erosion wire delivers a certain level of performance. Galvanic coating systems used to make Bedra wires allow the coats of zinc, which are free of harmful additives, to be applied evenly in concentric layers.

The hard, straightened wire electrode exhibits very good reliability in applications involving automatic threading. Cobracut AS is available in a diameter of 0.25 mm from authorised Bedra dealers.

Berkenhoff GmbH

Herborn, Germany