Simpatec Enhanced virtual simulation capabilities for injection moulding applications

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Simpatec has released Moldex 3D R13.

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(Source: Simpatec)

With the new release of Moldex 3D R13, the capabilities of virtual simulation for injection molding have been further extended, Simpatec said. According to the software developer, it is now even easier to identify potential sources of error in the process, tool or component, and to evaluate and implement a cost and quality optimal design before it might be too late. Numerous enhancements, a more efficient workflow and new options and handling improvements are said to be available to the user.

These include improved predictive capabilities regarding weld lines, which are now displayed as real 3D results and are said to help the user to identify potential mechanical weaknesses as well as choosing the appropriate venting method.

During the warp analysis, the user is not only able to visualise in-plane shrinkage but also out-of-plane warpage due to the specific pressure volume temperature distribution and the different temperature effects across the thickness. The software optimises mould compensation or pack path design and coolant temperature controls to eliminate part deformation, Simpatec said. Stress analysis functions are used to simulate the mould deformation behaviour from pressure and mould thermal loading effects in the filling stages.

Moldex also provides the capability to predict the fibre length and fibre concentration distribution when considering screw-induced fibre breakage and shear-induced fibre migration behaviour.