Engenhotec Engineering services firm from Portugal to return to Euromold

Editor: Eric Culp

The decision to exhibit is part of a national initiative.

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The company’s product development services include prototyping and tooling.
The company’s product development services include prototyping and tooling.
(Source: Engenhotec)

Engenhotec, the Portuguese engineering services provider, has announced that this year it will be making only its second-ever trip to Euromold as part of a mission co-ordinated by Cefamol, the Portuguese national mould association.

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The company noted that it will be exhibiting examples of its product development services, which include both prototyping and tooling.

Engenhotec said it can provide machined prototypes in a range of materials, from EPS to steel, as well as welding and control jigs, machining jigs, moulds for plastic injection, sand casting and core tools, gravity casting moulds, and casting masters. The company noted that it also creates stamped and casted prototypes from soft tools and provides rapid prototyping through partnership arrangements.

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