Formnext 2016 Enabling automated, digitised and interlinked industrial series production

Author / Editor: Barbara Schulz / Barbara Schulz

Germany - Concept Laser's "AM Factory of the Future" consistently implements the basic idea of Industry 4.0 with a focus on delivering a smart factory, meeting the demands of industry for interlinked machine solutions which allow for series production of additively manufactured metal parts.

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Oliver Edelmann, Global Sales Marketing at Concept Laser.
Oliver Edelmann, Global Sales Marketing at Concept Laser.
(Source: Concept Laser)

With an ambitious and consistent focus on optimising the digital process chain, the new machine architecture from Concept Laser promises to set a new milestone in industrial 3D metal printing. With the integration into the machine environment, decoupling and automation of process stages, the lead times until the finished 3D part is ready are massively reduced, Concept Laser says. Oliver Edelmann, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing: “As a trend-setter, Concept Laser is once again providing different solutions to the competition. And this is a good thing too. With its new machine architecture, Concept Laser will again set a milestone and benchmark in the Additive Manufacturing of metallic parts. This approach follows completely new paths and enables economical series production. We want to significantly enhance the added value for our users.” With several unique selling points, the company from Lichtenfels really wants to revolutionize industrial 3D metal printing.

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Following Formnext powered by TCT 2016, the next milestone for Concept Laser will be the commercial availability of the new machine architecture based on the vision of the “AM Factory of Tomorrow.” In future, Concept Laser will offer stand-alone process stations for the build process. They will have a build envelope of 400 x 400 x >400 mm³ equipped with 1 to 4 laser systems using multilaser technology with variable focus diameters encompassing 400 W to 1,000 W laser sources. This demonstrates the enormous strength of the machines from Concept Laser which is taking industrial series production to new levels. Also integrated in the machines is a 3D scanning system which enables real-time adjustment of the laser spot with diameters of from 50 – 500 μm. An available redundancy of the lasers will ensure that, if one laser fails, the remaining three lasers will still cover the entire build plate – the build job can therefore still be completed.