DME Ejectors provide positive, precise control of plates

Editor: Eric Culp

DME offers two-stage ejectors (TS), said to adapt to a number of mould base sizes and plate thicknesses.

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(Source: DME)

The products are available in two ejection sequences: top-last (TSTL) and bottom last (TSBL). Each ejection sequence is available in three sizes to accommodate most standard DME mould bases, the company said.

The stroke range for each ejection stage is determined and fixed by the customer by cutting the centre rod to the desired length (both TSTL and TSBL types) and by also cutting the travel sleeve to the desired length (TSBL type only). Once installed, the DME two-stage ejector is said to assure positive, precise control of the sequence and distance of each stroke of the two ejector plates.

According to the company, benefits include the independent setting of the first and second stage strokes, easy set-up and installation as well as the avoidance of interference with waterline connectors and externally mounted components due to internal installation.