Sandvik Coromant Effective steel turning with eight cutting edges

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Belgium – For longitudinal and face turning in steel operations, Sandvik has introduced Coroturn 300 which is said to provides stable insert clamping and has an eight-edged insert for high chip control, tool life and surface finish.

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Sandvik's Coroturn 300 featuring ilock technology and eight-edged inserts.
Sandvik's Coroturn 300 featuring ilock technology and eight-edged inserts.
(Source: Sandvik Coromant)

According to the company, the patented ilock interface in Coroturn 300 securely locks the insert in place to prevent cutting forces from affecting the tool position, providing tool accuracy within ±0.05 mm to ensure indexing repeatability for a better surface finish and increased tool life.

The eight-edged inserts are available in grades GC4325 and GC4315 with Inveio coating – a uni-directional crystal orientation for high-wear resistance and long tool life. The unique insert design has high chip- breaking capabilities and less carbide per edge, thus reducing material to waste or recycle. Plus, more edges allow for better inventory control.

The new tool also offers chip breaking capabilities through high-precision over and under coolant, Sandvik says. Coolant from above controls the chip breaking for secure machining while under coolant controls the temperature for long tool life. Other features are the Coromant -Capto interface in various sizes and the quick-start shanks which enable quick tool changes and the coolant connections to maximise time.

John Winter, turning product specialist for Sandvik says, “The Cororurn 300 integrates the latest advances in ilock, Inveio, and high-precision coolant technology to take steel turning into the next century."