Metav 2018 Effective material removal, precision and high surface finish

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Milling – Among the exhibits at GF Machining Solutions' booth at Metav is the Mikron Mill P 500 U, debuted at EMO 2017. It is a high-performance milling solution that has powerful material removal and high rigidity combined with precision and optimal surface finish.

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The Mikron Mill P 500 U is said to enable higher productivity and less downtime.
The Mikron Mill P 500 U is said to enable higher productivity and less downtime.
(Source: GFAC)

According to Switzerland-based GF Machining Solutions, Mikron Mill P 500 U can continuously machine complex forms and tough materials while shortening process times, thanks to its thermal stability. Furthermore, the milling machine integrates smart automation and ensures the process reliability essential to precision parts manufacturing segments such as aerospace and machinery parts as well as automotive mould-making.

Even with fast-pace machining over long production periods, accuracy and process reliability remain constant, GF says. Mikron Mill P 500 U has a 1.7 g acceleration, a 36 kW Step-Tec spindle, a rotary, tilting-table capacity of up to 600 kg and can machine workpieces with diameters of up to 707 mm.

The rotary tilting table is available in several variations: T-slot tables or as pallet tables accommodating a payload of 200 kg, 400 kg or 600 kg. Incremental, direct-angle measuring systems are mounted on the swivelling and circular axes to guarantee high positioning and repeated accuracy, the company claims. Both axes are driven by water-cooled torque motors: one for T-slot tables, two for pallet tables on the A axis and one on the C axis. These direct drives allow for precise, simultaneous operations. For heavy-duty machining, the rotary and swivel axes can be clamped and – for best machining stability – the swivelling axis can be clamped on both side supports.

The 20,000-rpm Step-Tec HPC190 spindle with HSK-A63 tool interface enable manufacturers to be flexible and to benefit from the universal spindle selection for stiffness, power, speed as well as safety with the Machine and Spindle Protection (MSP). Also available is Step-Tec’s 36,000-rpm HVC150 motor spindle with HSK-E50 tool interface. This spindle is particularly advantageous for mould-makers working with small cutting tools and dynamic 1.7 g acceleration to efficiently achieve high surface finishes.

At Metav 2018, the company will be in Hall 16, Booth A67.

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