Case study EDM manufacturer becomes main supplier for UK shop

Editor: Eric Culp

Over the past three years, Sodick vendor Sodi-Tech EDM has installed six units at UK precision tool house AJM Engineering Ltd. The company reportedly selected the technology for its price-to-performance ratio following market research and cutting demonstrations.

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It’s all in a picture. A worker at the AJM shop surrounded by Sodick EDM units.
It’s all in a picture. A worker at the AJM shop surrounded by Sodick EDM units.
(Source: Sodick)

Based in Corsham, Britain, AJM Engineering has ambition: soon to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the business employs 32 people, at least at the moment. The shop has plans to double in size within the next 10 years. To facilitate this growth strategy, the company is taking advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies. Recognising a need to replace its EDM units, in 2010 AJM researched the market to see what the latest in EDM technology had to offer.

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Out with the old, in with the new

Richard May, the owner and director of the company, noted that the transition was due. “Our previous machines were 12-15 years old and quite frankly had reached the end of their natural life.” Part of the reason for this was how the company had developed over the years. “We were a different business when we bought those machines and budget was a big factor. This time around, however, while value for money remained important, technology that could help the company flourish and prosper was top of our priority list.”