OPS-Ingersoll EDM centre in new line replaces older model built for larger electrodes

Editor: Eric Culp

Germany – EDM applications are becoming larger and also more precisely detailed, according to OPS-Ingersoll.

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As an option, the Gantry Eagle 1400 can also be offered in a version with extended Z-travel.
As an option, the Gantry Eagle 1400 can also be offered in a version with extended Z-travel.
(Source: OPS-Ingersoll)

Both these requirements are met by its new EDM machine, the Gantry Eagle 1400.

The machine is based on the Gantry Eagle 1200 and is said to close the gap to the 1500 model, a machine developed at a time when large and heavy electrodes had to be handled.

A trip to Portugal's mould makers, with OPS Ingersoll.

That version, a big, solid unit with high head load, resulted in high costs, the company said. The machine base of the 1400 was redesigned, and the work-tank enlarged to 1,510 x 2,590 x 790mm to achieve an optimum price-performance-ratio, the company explained. The unit retains the portal of the 1200 machine, the control of the company’s Eagle Power TEC, the work head and the C-axis.

Due to the high axis-travel-speed and the generator technology, the machine can be used for making large moulds and complex workpieces. High jump speeds up to 18 m/min. and the lower run times of up to 50% are possible with the unit. Low wear technology is said to cut electrode costs.

The unit can delivered in “plus” version with extended Z-travel. The work tank here 1,510 x 2,590 x 1,015mm, It has a a maximum dielectric-height of 975mm and a maximum open height of 300/1,200mm.

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