Iscar Economy, high efficiency distinguish family of face mills for roughing, semifinishing

Editor: Eric Culp

The Helido S890 FSN family of right-hand indexable face mills feature an 88° cutting-edge angle (2° lead) with eight helical cutting edges on the square inserts. These cutters can achieve depths of cut up to 9 mm. Toolmaker Iscar has designed this family for high-efficiency rough- to semifinish-milling of, primarily, cast-iron and steel components.

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Available in a diameter range of 50 to 160 mm, these face mills come in coarse- and fine-pitch configurations. Every cutter body has coolant holes that direct fluid toward the insert cutting edges for the most efficient cooling. The inserts’ advanced cutting geometry with a positive rake ensures smooth milling, including with soft entry to and exit from the workpiece material. Iscar produces the inserts mainly from its latest Sumo Tec carbide grades in order to optimise performance and tool life.

Helido S890 FSN is suitable for general milling and particularly for applications requiring machining close to shoulders or fixture constraints. The tool’s 88° cutting-edge angle allows face-milling very close to the sidewall. The combination of effective geometry, innovative carbide grades and eight cutting edges can be expected to support the objectives of maximising productivity and minimising operational costs. The manufacturer touts these face mills’ low price per cutting edge.

Iscar Ltd.

Tefen, Israel

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