Formnext 2017 Dual presentation: Future of additive manufacturing conference

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Frankfurt – Organisers of Formnext 2017 by tct have disclosed that the the Formnext 2017 Conference will take place simultaneously at two podiums.

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At Formnext 2017, the conference will run on two platforms for the first time.
At Formnext 2017, the conference will run on two platforms for the first time.
(Source: Mesago)

With almost twice as many presentations lined-up, the conferences will offer a spectrum covering developments, and findings of leading international industrial companies and research institutions on applications and additive technologies, sharing experiences and know-how. Talks will include key areas in automation, design, quality assurance, personnel and value-added chains.

Among the companies presenting their first-hand information are Airbus, Deutsche Bahn, Honeywell, Premium Aerotec and Volkswagen. They will share knowledge on how they have used additive manufacturing to increase efficiency and what future developments are already planned. One focus will be specially on industrial areas in medicine and aerospace presented as individual sessions.

Uwe Fresenborg, chairman of the Board of Managing Directors at DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung, will discuss how additive manufacturing is revolutionising spare-parts supply in the company. It has already produced 1,500 parts with additive manufacturing in the last two years.

At the Volkswagen Group, additive manufacturing is already an important and established technology. Luis Pascoa, pilot plant manager, Volkswagen Autoeuropa, will talk about the efficiency level that the Portuguese subsidiary has attained using 3D-printed devices, tools and support mounts in the assembly line. This, he says, reduces costs as well as time – from weeks to within days.

After two successful years, Formnext, the trade fair and conference additive manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent manufacturing solutions, organised by Mesago Messe Frankfurt with partner the TCT Group and its honouraray sponsor German industry federation VDMA, will take place for the third time 14–17 November 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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